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Optimize 6 pillars of best practices in Kubernetes

Our mission is to empower technology companies to find gaps in their Kubernetes setup, build sustainability by identifying gaps, hunt leaky buckets, and identify misconfigurations.

Top Use Cases of  Kubernetes WAR


Kubernetes Well Architecture Review

We go beyond the belt; our custom in-house tools scan the architecture of your current Kubernetes setup. We appreciate your high level of understanding of your current Kubernetes setup. How teams are currently operating, scaling, and testing DevOps. The cherry on the cake is our tool does not find the gaps; it also takes a proper follow-up until the gaps are fixed. 



Kubernetes benchmarking involves testing a cluster's performance, scalability, and reliability. With our tools and technology, we develop the Kubernetes performance dashboard that gives you a proper visual of which resource needs to scale at what traffic point. This indirectly makes decision-making more manageable and convenient when your resources need scale. 


Chaos Engineering

Chaos engineering deliberately introduces failures and unexpected events into a system to identify weaknesses and improve resilience. Our tools can help you simulate different failure scenarios, such as latency injection, network partitioning, and CPU spikes. Our experiment observes how the system behaves. Take note of any unexpected behavior, errors, or other issues. Review the data collected during the experiment and assess whether your hypothesis was confirmed or disproved. Look for patterns or trends that could indicate areas for improvement.



Gap analysis


Generate Solutions


Evaluate solutions




Monitor impact

Resources and Insights

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